DSC02618 2


– Polychromasia


This photograph was taken in Camden Market, I came across these panels of light and loved how the light and colour seeped into the transparent curtains in front of them. I like the horizontal lines crossing the vertical ones and adding depth to the photo.

Each part of this seemingly abstract photograph is real, I have only edited the colours and exposures in post-production.


DSC02571 edited


– Clapton Pond


This photo was taken at sunset on the Strand in London. It was just by chance that the bus was passing at the perfect time for me shoot through it and the rest of the picture was in focus.

In this photo I have removed elements that I don’t think work in the picture, originally there were multiple road signs in the photograph so I removed them as they had too much writing and distracted from the Clapton Pond sign on the bus.



– Khione


The view from Dunstable Downs in the snow. The road was slippery and many people were stuck but the views of the crystal blanket sweeping the surrounding chalk grasslands were enough to venture out into the freezing temperatures. What is usually a view of variations of greens and neutrals was now an almost monochromatic scene.

In post-production I’ve changed the angles of the horizons so that they’re perfectly horizontal. The inspiration to do this most likely comes from Andreas Gursky (who was a major topic in my dissertation).

Bethany Freeman - Pendulum


– Tate Modern


Whilst I was at the Tate Modern the other day I was transfixed by the pendulum that is swinging from the roof of the Turbine Hall. I’d been to the Science Museum earlier that week and had looked at all the perpetual motion devices that were on show so I was watching this pendulum thinking about these things that I’d recently seen.

In this photograph I was trying to specifically highlight all the straight aspects all reflecting onto the curved pendulum. The reflections on the surface really accentuate the linear aspects of the photograph.