Summer Assessment

DSC07193My primary media context is video art/ photography. It is a great medium to use in order to express how I feel about the world using the world as a canvas.

I have considered how I can present my videos in a more stimulating way than just projecting them onto a wall. These videos were made with the intention of being an experience as opposed to a something one would simply witness. I have made the viewing both small and large. If you were to view from the outside it would simply be a box but if you were to view from the inside it would be a very private affair.

The biggest influence I have is the world around me. I try to live my life noticing the beauty in things and figuring out why/what makes a certain thing beautiful.

The broader context of my ideas is purely subjective. For me I feel that it highlights artistry in the world as well as implementing symmetry. It could, however, be interpreted as ‘overemphasising beauty’ to mask or perhaps even focus on the bleak mundane and the problems with our surrounding environments.

I would like every individual to relate the imagery that I have used to their own experiences. To see an image, or feel the light shining on them in a certain way that could evoke memories or a wanderlust. I want the viewer to immerse themselves in my experience and perhaps see how I see the world.

In future I would envisage my work progressing to more in depth experiences. Whether that be small and completely immersive or a large room/space/area where many people can feel the same experience and react in different ways.

I have considered alternative sites for my work, perhaps leaving the structure in a corridor so that those wishing to pass have to enter and, if only for a brief second, be bombarded with my projections. I’ve also considered taking the projections alone out into nature and seeing how my manipulated light videos interact with natural light.


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