Video for Assessment


This video is made from a compilation of clips that are specifically hard to tell what they really that I have recorded. To create these I left my camera on a 30 second shutter speed whilst I was recording which produced a stop-motion like effect (I’m considering if it would create the same effect if I did the same with a higher spec camera). I’m interested in light like car headlights, motorways, fire, sunsets and spotlights.

I’ve been overlaying the videos with itself having been flipped horizontally which creates a harmonious symmetry. Overlaying is more visually stimulating than simply mirroring.

All the quotes are written by myself, inspired by my feelings and thoughts about some of the best and worst things that have happened in my life (and in the world). The quotes refer to an asomatous ‘you’, but who is ‘YOU’?  Depending on the viewer, ‘YOU’ could be a lover, friend, role model, parent, child or God.

The video piece for me is not a love song to my partner, nor an admission of my atheistic appreciation of ‘God’. However that isn’t to say it’s not an appreciation for my life filled with observational love and acknowledgement of my balance between beauty and despair.

I have chosen to add the words because over the summer I had spent a lot of time considering how far text can be related to and/or seen as art. When I was younger I was considered quite talented at poetry but lost all will to write, learn and be influenced by poetry as the schooling system ruined it for me and curriculum stopped my interest entirely. Art, however, has peaked my interest in it again. I wanted to write poetry and have it involved in my art as a way of development so I created these ‘poetry punchlines’ seen in my video.

At first I created the text in the video in a classic Arial typeface that may well have been easy to read but felt lazy to me. Everything in my video was authentic snips of my life but not in the text. It bothered me for a long time before I could really put my finger on the problem. After finally writing each quote in my notebook I realised that the lines were so personal to me that they needed, not only to be written by me, but written out by my hand.

Simply changing the words from a generic typeface to my messy handwriting changed the context. It could be reminiscent of a diary or a personal notebook and the words now feel ever more intriguing as there is more effort required to read my messy handwriting (even now) than there is to read a font that is overused in the consumer market.


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