These are photos from my assessment piece set up. I have set up my video installation in another room that I can black out (that will be featured in a different blog post). This set up includes my digital photographic prints, paintings, mono prints and film prints. On the right hand side of the wall I have hung the work that I’ve produced in my media sessions. My film photos are on the top accompanied by the test strips that helped me learn how to expose film to the light sensitive paper. Below those are the some of the mono prints that I started the year off with. To the left, on the wall, I have hung the pieces that inspired my video. They are the all written by me onto, either my photos or my paintings. I have hung these specific ones because I believe they are the strongest pieces, the ones that I feel are the best and most exemplify my feelings.

The remaining photographs are placed on my table in two piles as additional works and back up works. I have also placed my notebook and some of the books I’ve been reading and using as research.

Over the past semester I have experimented with quite a few mediums and I feel that it has been a very successful few months for me. Like my last semester I have, once again, submitted a video piece for assessment. I really like the different possibilities that are available with making videos, taking inspiration directly from the every day world and turning it into something beautiful, interesting and emotive.


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