Video Presentation

These are some snapshots from my video installation. I have managed to find a way to expand the light beyond the black square that every projection faces. Personally I don’t like the black square that surrounds my videos, especially when they are dark videos with a lot of black. From studying physics I know that there is no such thing as ‘black light’ yet many projectors still manage to create light in place of a blank black screen. It is possible to eliminate the black square but the only solution is an investment in an expensive, high spec, professional projector. Not unlike the ones that are used in expensive theaters or owned by popular galleries. On a student budget there is little I can do to expel these ‘black photons’ so I have decided to expand the projection beyond its usual rectangle.

I have glued a diamond shaped lens to the front of the lamp of my personal projector (I wouldn’t dream of gluing anything to the higher spec projectors that I could loan from university). This way the light is projected through the front lens of the camera and then refracted by the diamond lens onto the wall.


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