Black and White Photograms

Here I’ve been using many different techniques in the black and white dark room. I’ve found and made a multitude of objects to project the enlarger light through. My favourite pieces have been created using a combination of film photography and objects to obstruct the light, like the featured image.

The reason I that these images are my favourite is because I, for a long time have been trying to create/find/portray beauty in the average and common things, like a simple photo of some plain trees. I’ve begun to move away from finding beauty, specifically, but more making the ordinary extraordinary. Changing the plain into something worth looking at, worth taking a moment to pause over and question.

What questions I’m trying to present to the viewer at the moment I’m unaware of. I don’t know if my work is based purely in the aesthetic look of them, making them worth no more than average bedside lamp. Is the goal to make the viewer stop and think about something cliche like ‘global warming’ (as is often associated with any nature based pieces) or do I want them to think again about the way they look at the world. Could I possible get even a single person to think about that for a second with a 4×5 photographic image?


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