Mono Prints

For another media session I have been experimenting with mono printing. These are just simple prints that don’t involve much technique. I’ve based the designs on simple shapes and using the roller to create patterns.

Mono printing used to be one of my favourite medias for creating. I was, at one point, so eager to get into the print room and create a piece that had many¬†brothers akin in likeness but also very different. However since discovering film photography print making no longer holds the same desire for me. I still enjoy making the works but I do not sit at home or in my studio thinking “what could I do next in print”.

This may partly be because photography and printmaking could, and often have been, regarded as similar in process and theory. Creating an etching to make an image over and over despite the ever so slight difference between a ‘test print’ and the perfect image is not unlike trying to produce and reproduce the perfect photo in the dark room.

Another reason maybe that since I have become much more involved in ‘modern’ techniques (from film photography to digital video making) I have stepped away from the traditional mediums that the old masters of history have used. I rarely draw and never paint. Print making is almost the last dying medium that I feel I could produce an almost perfect image from.

Both of these reasons trouble me, is it wise to step so far away from the older and reliable art mediums? Or is it a good idea to invest time, effort and passion in the newer methods of art? Does there really have to be a question or m=am I simply overthinking this situation?


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