Video Project

For our moving image media sessions we’ve been asked to choose a piece of found text to begin constructing a video. For my piece of found text I have decided to use a quote from Wassily Kandinsky about his influences, namely Synesthesia.

“Our hearing of colours is so precise… Colour is a means of exerting a direct influence upon the soul. Colour is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many strings. The artist is the hand that purposely sets the soul vibrating by means of this or that key. Thus it is clear that the harmony of colours can only be based upon the principle of purposefully touching the human soul” – Kandinsky

I chose this piece of text because I feel that mixing colour with sound/music would be a beautiful way to create a video. I am looking forward to really pushing my Adobe Premiere skills and manipulating the video footage that I will take or will find.

For the first session we were asked to brainstorm with the class words and phrases that came to mind when we read each others texts and then create a poem based on the words.

Hearing of colour

Harmony of soul

Colour is the keyboard

The eye is the hammer

The soul is the piano

Many strings

Many colours

Set the soul vibrating

Following this we were tasked with using automated internet programs to read out the words for us and create a sound track using Adobe Audition


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