Distorting Images

Over the last few days I have been looking at changing an image whilst enlarging it in the dark room. I’ve placed the negatives in the enlarger and used the photogram technique to obscure and abstract the images. I think the outcome is intriguing but after having a group critique maybe it’s not intriguing enough.

Do these images only pose questions about how they were made? Are they only aesthetically pleasing? What more could I do to make these images ask a question?

I’ve thought about taking my experiments into the colour dark room, where there is almost no way of seeing the perfect photogram image until the paper is developed. I’ve also considered taking away the imagery; yes it is lovely to alter the familiar photos of trees but is it enough, does it even have to nature or objective at all?

I’d like to attempt a series of photograms where I tried to recreate the exact same image by doing the same processes, which (as I can only predict) will be inevitably different. Life is full of repetitive processes; brushing ones teeth, driving to work, scrolling mundanely through ones phone, yet not one those processes is ever completely identical to the previous you would complete them.


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