Moving Image Media Sessions


For this video I have been trying new techniques for me. After my last post on this subject (see here) I’ve decided to begin my video with a piece of music by Arnold Schoenberg because he was a friend of Kandinsky’s, based on my original quote. I’ve added voices to the concerto from a range of automated websites. In the sample that I’ve added to this post there is only one female voice but as the video progresses it has more voices, speaking in time or in rounds.

I’ve only added the imagery shown in the attached video so that’s the reason that there is only a small clip currently for show. I’ve been reaching out of my comfort zone with this imagery. I’ve noticed that I have only really been using the mirror function on premiere using imagery that looked like a stop motion. So for this piece I’m trying to stay away from the mirror effect. I’ve used my own imagery, both recent and old, as well as found imagery from the internet and a group of film photographs and photograms. I think this new and diverse range of imagery as well as actually using sound gives this film an edge over my previous pieces.

This piece is in no way done, and even the first sample might change repeatedly until I’m finished with it. I am happy, however, with the progress and the exploration of different media.


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