Defining my practice

DSC00947 (2)

I have the task of giving a 10 minute presentation at University to explain my practice to my peers and tutors. The first thing I have to worry about, though, is explaining it to myself.

The basic premise of my work is that I take quite obvious pictures/imagery that everyone can immediately identify and distort it, changing it into something else. But do I do this to prove a point, to confuse the viewer, to convey a message or to just make a pretty picture?

I also have to consider in what medium does my art truly take its shape? Is it only high art when I produce a video driven installation? Are my photograms/photographs purely research/imagery for my videos, do they serve as art themselves, can they be incorporated into my installations?

The next step for my work is to finish my video, it is near completion, and decide how I want to present it.


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